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I saw a striped cucumber beetle close to my garden but none on my vegetables just yet. Is it possible they are hiding? I live close to Canada and my garden has never had cucumber beetles before so I don’t know where they came from.

The Striped Cucumber Beetle is an organic gardeners nightmare. They are commonly found from Central America all the way north to Canada. And though they may be hard to see, chances are if you have one you have several. More importantly, once they start laying eggs they will become a “regular” in your vegetable garden so it’s best to¬† knock them out early on and not to give them a chance to get well established.

Fortunately we have many products available all of which are listed in our CUCUMBER BEETLE CONTROL article. If you only wish to treat the area around your vegetables, the VEGETABLES PLUS is a good option. Treatments will last 2-3 weeks and it will leave a good residual to get any hatching larvae that might be emerging from eggs left by gravid females.

If you prefer to use something organic, the 3 IN 1 or the MULTI PURPOSE INSECT KILLER are both highly effective on cucumber beetles and can be sprayed as often as needed.

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