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You answered questions for me about Cucumber Beetles last year. I have some more questions. I have an above-ground box garden. We were infested with cucumber beetles last year and had the same problem the year before. I haven’t done anything to treat my soil. At this point, is there a product you have that I could use? We back up to a farm, wondering if that’s why our problem seems to be so significant?? Please let me know how to proceed! Thanks.

I think it would be wise to spray down the ground with some VEGETABLES PLUS PERMETHRIN. This product is labeled for use on vegetables and fruit so it’s safe enough to treat the plants directly. I think this will really help because there is a strong likelihood you have an established population in your soil. By treating this area early in spring, you can many times dramatically reduce the amount of activity that has been showing up the past couple of years.

I also recommend looking around the rest of the yard to make sure there are no other areas you may be missing. Most people focus in on the targeted plants along with the area close to them but cucumber beetles can thrive hundreds of feet away and from there find your garden. So as the year turns from spring to summer to fall, be sure to keep a watchful eye in the entire yard to make sure they’re not prolific elsewhere and if you do find any adjacent activity, be sure to treat it.

Vegetables Plus Perm:

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