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These cucumber beetles I’m seeing will attack anything yellow or even just has a yellow flower it seems. This includes tomatoes, melons, beans, etc. This year they laid their eggs on my amaranth! Although only the melons failed to survive the attack, they delayed maturation by at least 2 weeks. I’m looking for something organic and safe to spray.

Cucumber beetles are very much a destructive pest and will target plants other than cucumbers. We get quite  a few calls with people who insist they have an infestation but have never grown cucumbers! I don’t think it’s particularly important what you’re growing that can lead to an infestation; if there is a population somewhere close by and you have a vegetable garden, expect some activity which will need some kind of treatments.

If you review our CUCUMBER BEETLE CONTROL article, you’ll learn we have many organic solutions that work well. The more common concentrates we sell include the 3 IN 1 SPRAY and the MULTI PURPOSE INSECT KILLER. Both work well and will handle any garden pest. The 3 In 1 contains the fungicide so for some people, this is the way to go. But if you have a stubborn problem and feel you need the strongest organic spray around, go with the Multipurpose Insect Killer as it works well.

Here are direct links to the products mentioned above:

3 in 1 Concentrate:  http://www.cucumberbeetles.com/safest-3-in-1-insect-killer

Multi Purpose Conc:  http://www.cucumberbeetles.com/multi-purpose-insect-killer

Article:  http://www.cucumberbeetles.com/cucumber-beetle-control

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