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every year I have cucumber beetles. which works better on them? your 3-1 FIM or your MP insect killer? and if I buy the 4 bottles of either of them and don’t use up all 4 bottles will they still be good next year? thanks

Both of these products work well for cucumber beetles. But they have some big differences. Here’s the quick list.

If you are only concerned about cucumber beetles, the MULTIPURPOSE INSECT KILLER is the way to go. It’s organic, works well on all beetles and can handle the toughness of the cucumber beetle too.

But if you are concerned with other pests like aphids or white flies and your crops have a tendency to get fungus during the growing season, consider the 3-IN-1 CONCENTRATE. This product contains a fungicide and spreader sticker so it can handle most anything the garden might get.

Both products are organic and that means you may have to treat weekly till the problems are gone. And both are very stable and can last up to 5 years in their concentrate form. So if you had a jar or two that kept for 3-4 years, no problem.

Here are direct links to the information and products listed above:

Multipurpose Insect Killer:

3 In 1:

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